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"...they far exceeded my expectations. The coaching was great, they fully understood my message and guided me to deliver it in a uniquely captivating way. I was impressed with their attention to detail not just in the content, but in my body language and delivery. 

It was the best investment I could have made for the success of my TEDx Talk."

-- Amy Tepperman, Moving EDGEucation

Are you struggling to create the impact you desire?
Have you tried to share your ideas, but they just aren't being understood by your audience? 
We hear this all the time... you are not alone.

Discover the Ultimate Blueprint for Success with 


 Unlock the Secrets to Crafting Your Idea, Building Your Brand, Attracting Your Community, and Landing a Coveted Spot on a Global Stage!

The Thought Leader Academy is your one-stop destination for transforming yourself into an influential Thought Leader and a masterful professional communicator.

Our carefully crafted program will take you on a thrilling journey, revealing the key steps you need to follow to achieve outstanding success:

#1: Communicating Your Ideas

Unleash your potential by mastering the art of storytelling to captivate and inspire. Refine your ideas and become a skilled communicator, conveying complex concepts with ease and confidence.

 #2: Building Your Brand

Create a powerful and memorable personal brand that sets you apart from the competition. Harness the power of branding to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry.

#3: Attracting Your Community

Connect with your target audience and build a loyal community of followers who resonate with your message. Master the art of engagement to forge lasting connections and grow your influence.


Elevate Your Authority Through Storytelling

You're driven by the passion for your work, yet it's puzzling how others fail to see the potential and significance in your data and research.
The key to captivating your audience lies in storytelling.
It transforms your data into compelling narratives that resonate and forge an emotional connection with your audience, making them truly care about your work.

Ignite Your Passion and Make Your Work Irresistible

As an aspiring thought leader, tapping into the power of storytelling can truly set you apart. By crafting engaging stories, you'll effectively communicate your expertise, captivate your audience, and create memorable experiences. Storytelling allows you to establish a personal connection, making even the most complex ideas accessible and relatable.

Together, we will delve into your knowledge and distill it into captivating stories that reveal the essence of your work. These stories will bridge the gap between your expertise and your audience's understanding, painting a vivid picture of the hows, whys, and whats that matter to you.

By unlocking the power of storytelling, you'll leave your audience captivated and eager to learn more about your insights, ensuring your passion shines through.

I'm Ready to Be A Thought Leader

"Even Tiger Woods has a coach! That’s why when I need help pushing my speaking to the highest levels possible — keeping me on my best game in front of any audience, I turn to Andrea Sampson. She is one of the few coaches I trust and will listen to when it comes to helping me give my best performance."

Mark Bowden, Internationally Acclaimed Body Language Coach to G8 Leaders & Fortune 100 CEOs, Global Speaker, and Best Selling Author

Welcome to The Thought Leader Academy:

Your Digital Launchpad for Success

On-Demand Training Modules: Learn at your own pace with our comprehensive library of expert-led training sessions, covering everything you need to know to excel as a Thought Leader.

Access to Core Faculty in Communications, Brand & Community: Benefit from direct access to our expert coaches who will share their invaluable insights and experiences to help you elevate your Thought Leadership game.

Group Coaching Support: three 90-minute sessions each month focusing on communications, brand and community where you will receive focused coaching and guidance, allowing you to learn and apply working directly with your Coaches

Monthly Masterclasses with Industry Experts: Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive masterclasses led by renowned Thought Leaders and industry experts, sharing their wisdom, best practices and resources.

Tools, Frameworks & Templates: Fast-track your success with proven tools, frameworks, and templates designed to streamline your Thought Leadership journey.

An Online Community of Amazing Thought Leaders: Connect, collaborate, and grow with a supportive network of like-minded individuals who are on the same path to Thought Leadership.


The Thought Leader Academy Includes:

On-Demand Focus Area Masterclasses

Unleash your full potential with a full library of on-demand Masterclasses designed to help you become a thought leader in your field. With our expert-led training modules, you'll gain essential skills and insights in focus areas such as

  • Storytelling and Narrative Development
  • Stress Management
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Mindset
  • Performance Skills For Thought Leaders
  • How to Create Irresistible Brand Chemistry
  • Building a Profitable Community
  • And many more!

Proven Frameworks, Tools and Templates

  • An Academy Workbook to guide you through your learning journey containing all of the frameworks, tools and tip sheets, along with questionnairs that will help you focus and build your thought leadership
  • The Talk Canvas Narrative Framework to help you outline and develop every talk, presentation or even a difficult email and know that it will get your information across AND keep your audience engaged
  • The Idea Framework to help you craft your idea and test it so that you align to it and your audience will understand it. 
  • Story Spine Framework to easily help you contextualize your complex information and make it easy for your audience to understand and remember
  • The Audience Questionnaire to help you identify who you are speaking with what they most want to hear.
  • The Virtual Engagement Quick Reference Guide to help you plan and deliver virtual meetings and presentations that engage!
  • Presentation template that takes the Talk Canvas and makes it visual (.ppt) to cut your presentation development time in half and create presentations that compel your audience and enhance your engagement
  • Perspective Reference Guide to help you to understand how your body, voice and language convey messages that may be in conflict with your words.
  • The Core Values worksheet, helping you to define what is most important for you
  • The Passion Worksheet to allow you to hone in on what brings you the most joy and how others see you 
  • Surfacing Limiting Beliefs worksheet to help you step more fully into the the thought leader you are becoming

Unlock Your Potential with Expert-Led Group Coaching

Supercharge your thought leadership journey by learning from the best in the industry. Take advantage of the following benefits with our expert-led coaching sessions:

  • Attend WEEKLY live group coaching sessions and get the opportunity to ask questions, deepen your understanding of masterclass content, and practice alongside seasoned professionals
  • Learn from the best in the industry, our coaches bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each session
  • Access recorded group coaching sessions anytime for review and convenience
  • Elevate your communication skills and transform your thought leadership journey to unleash your full potential

Monthly LIVE Access To Our Exclusive Guest Experts

Gain valuable insights and training from our monthly guest experts in communications, branding, community building, leadership, and entrepreneurship. 

Through interactive sessions and Q&A, you'll have the opportunity to learn from their expertise, ask questions, and apply their insights to your own thought leadership journey.

With access to such a diverse range of experts, you'll gain a well-rounded education in the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful thought leader.

Your Digital Thought Leader Community

Being part of a digital community of aspiring thought leaders gives you access to a wealth of resources that can help you achieve your goals faster, including:

  • Connection with like-minded individuals who are also striving to make an impact in their industries
  • Supportive network for motivation, inspiration, and accountability
  • Expert coaches who can provide personalized guidance and feedback to improve your skills
  • Access to a range of tools, templates, and frameworks that can streamline your work
  • Accelerated growth and path to success in your thought leadership journey

"A super switched on and pleasant team... they made it very easy.

My coach was genuine, and authentic, pushing and supporting me in all the right places and they made me feel like they were with me every step of the way, "

- Angela Payne, National Board President, Lean In Canada, Co-Founder, Leed HR

Learning Experience

The Ultimate Program to Master Professional Communication, Branding, and Community Building - All Essential for Your Thought Leadership Journey!

Discover the Secrets of Powerful Communication

 Become a Professional Communicator by learning the frameworks and tools used by some of the world's most successful speakers and thought leaders. This is your chance to transform your presentations, communications and talks from inconsistent and mediocre to engaging, influential, and consistently powerful.

What You'll Learn in The Thought Leader Academy:

  1. Master the art of storytelling: Learn how to combine story and idea to captivate your audience and convey your message in a way that resonates.
  2. Understand your audience: Discover the secrets of human behavior and buying decisions to ensure your message hits home.
  3. Develop confidence and influence: Uncover the mindset that will allow you to connect emotionally with your audience and convey your expertise with authority.
  4. Learn from the best: Gain insights from a 25-year industry veteran who has trained with the head speaker coach at TED Global and worked with TEDx events worldwide.

Elevate Your Personal Brand to New Heights: Unleash Your True Potential

Our skilled branding and communication coaches will support you in creating a strong personal brand that reflects your values and shows off your expertise, making you a recognized thought leader.

By being consistent and intentional, you'll build an authentic personal brand based on your beliefs and values. As a result, your influence and authority will grow in the communities you serve.

Maximize Your Impact:
Connect and Grow Your Community

 This program will assist you in cultivating a network of like-minded individuals who champion and magnify your thought leadership.

Your community has the power to exponentially increase your reach. By nurturing genuine connections and engagement, your audience will actively support your personal brand and spread your ideas, creating a lasting impact.

Embrace the opportunity to build authentic relationships with your audience, amplifying your thought leadership and making a real difference in your community.

Your Expert Coaches

The Thought Leader Academy brings together a team of accomplished coaches with a wide range of expertise to help individuals and organizations elevate their public speaking skills and personal branding.

Andrea Sampson

A master storyteller and CEO of Talk Boutique, Andrea leverages her extensive background in marketing, advertising, and public speaking to help clients craft engaging stories and deliver impactful talks.

As a TEDx-trained coach and key figure in bringing Singularity University to Canada, Andrea specializes in making technical and scientific content accessible while maintaining its credibility.

Her unique expertise and passion for transforming the world of public speaking have positioned her as a sought-after executive coach for leaders and speakers worldwide.

Ian Keeling

An accomplished public speaker and thought leadership expert, Ian has been an integral part of Talk Boutique's coaching team since 2017.

With nearly two decades of experience as faculty at The Second City in Toronto, he has honed his expertise in various disciplines, including public speaking, acting, and sketch-writing.

Ian's dynamic coaching style, rooted in his extensive background in performance and communication, focuses on addressing clients' specific needs while making workshops engaging and enjoyable.

As a recognized authority in public speaking and thought leadership, he has helped countless individuals refine their skills, from beginners to executives.

Patricia Andraos

With over 20 years of experience in communication and leadership coaching,  Patricia has guided the development of hundreds of live and online presentations and co-founded a neuromarketing consultancy specializing in optimizing customer engagement opportunities within live events.

Patricia's expertise extends to developing marketing strategies and creating live corporate events for Fortune 500 companies in various sectors, utilizing her knowledge of neuroscience to promote higher engagement and improved learning and retention.

Now a Power Skills & Performance Coach, Patricia is an expert in audience engagement and will empower you with effective communication techniques, instilling confidence and essential skills for successful presentations and career advancement.

Laura Beauparlant

As the founder and chief brand alchemist at Lab Creative, Laura employs her specialized process to guide thought leaders in uncovering their extraordinary talents.

She helps them create distinguished personal brands that captivate the right audience and yield outstanding results.

Learn from Laura how to establish Irresistible Brand Chemistry for thought leaders, cultivating a presence that stands out, fosters trust, and positions you as the unparalleled choice in your field.

“I learned more in my 3 hours with my coach than I have in a 30-year career of executive leadership, punctuated with many public speaking commitments!"

Richard P. Blundell, Sustainability Leader and Executive-in-Residence Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Unlock Your Path to Thought Leadership

Are you ready to become the go-to Thought Leader in your industry? Transform your ideas into impact and influence with our proven program.

For over a decade, we've worked with TEDx speakers, Singularity faculty, experts, changemakers, and corporate leaders, and we've discovered the secret to thought leadership success: it all starts with intention.

Your Gateway to Success

Our program is designed to guide you on a journey to become the influential Thought Leader you were always meant to be. Through our expert guidance and support, you'll:

  • Refine your message for maximum impact
  • Discover and embrace your unique voice
  • Develop persuasive communication skills
  • Learn how to create powerful connections with your audience
So, where do you begin?

We're dedicated to helping you shape your message, find your voice, and unleash your true potential. That's where The Thought Leader Academy comes in.

Take the First Step Towards Thought Leadership

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  • Monthly LIVE Guest Expert sessions that will fill in the gaps on resources, skills and tools - $2,500 VALUE
  • The Thought Leader Academy Workbook chock full of tools, frameworks, tip sheets and more - $500 VALUE
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" ... the mentoring and coaching for my TEDxToronto talk was flawless, guiding my narrative without forcing anything.  I honestly can’t say enough good things about the experience, and would recommend them without hesitation."

- Keith Vanderlinde, Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto


We transform diverse experts into recognized and in-demand Thought Leaders who create billion-dollar impact in the world.

We've worked with thousands of Leaders, Professional Presenters, TEDx speakers, Experts, and Changemakers globally using proven frameworks and methodology that was inspired by work with TEDx.

As a TEDx-trained and a former TEDx license holder, I know how to help my clients seamlessly blend their impactful ideas with their emotionally engaging stories so their audiences lean in and connect.

And I've made it my passion, my commitment to help you master it as well.

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"I’ve been making speeches all my life, but Talk Boutique made me a better speaker.
Better because they showed me how to tell human stories. Better because I learned to become more vulnerable and to connect with people. Connecting with people, truly connecting, making a large audience feel they are an audience of one, is a rare talent.”

– Randy VanDerStarren, Take Your Seat