Discover The Secrets To Presenting With Confidence That Allows You To Authentically Connect With Your Audience And Present Memorable Ideas 

(without losing the integrity of your work)


I'll show you how hundreds of speakers, experts, and professionals (just like you) have finally escaped the fear of presenting and impostor syndrome using this secret system...

Stories That Sell
Your Ideas


Join our Masterclass and discover how to develop your core idea using a step-by-step framework that you can apply to ALL your presentations so your ideas are clear and MEMORABLE!


 After this 60-minute masterclass, you can close your laptop knowing...


♦️ How to identify the impact you want to create as a thought leader (hint: it’s critical to giving a talk with a “take away” that your audience remembers)

♦️ A 3-step framework to develop and test your core idea (so you know it’s audience ready)

♦️ The Story Spine Framework for telling memorable stories PDF.

♦️ How to use storytelling to get your audience primed and excited to hear your big idea

…and much, much more for only $29.97!


You also get this BONUS!

Here is a tool for you to use right away to help shape your complex ideas into impactful stories. It has been developed through working with thousands of storytellers, TED speakers, professionals, and thought leaders and it really works!

We know that presenting can feel vulnerable, intimidating, and sometimes overwhelming.


(especially if you are new or believe that people are "naturally good at it"


We also know it doesn't have to be this way.

You’re here because you’re tired of not feeling confident in your presentations, of not getting the client, or not getting the promotion because you can't articulate your ideas memorably and with engagement.

You do the research, you put in the hours creating the presentation with all the facts and figures, and show up early that morning and set up your presentation. 

Everyone shows up and they are excited to hear what you have to say, all eyes are on you! 

You start off strong... people seem to be following what you are saying. BUT halfway through..., you notice eyes beginning to wander; people checking their phones, and confused looks. 

Despite the distraction, you try to get back on track... but the harder you try, the less they seem to care. 

We hear these very stories time and time again...



“I’ve invested thousands of hours in my presentations but feel like I don’t know how to deliver the data in a way that aligns with my values.”


“I get positive responses from my written proposals but when it comes time to share those thoughts, I can’t seem to keep people engaged”
“I know I have the right information, but I don’t know how to make it appealing” 

This is why our aim for this Masterclass is to help you learn the very tools and techniques used by TED speakers, leaders & international experts, from one of 

North America’s top TEDx Speaker Coaches,

Andrea Sampson

Watch RIGH NOW for only $29.97


Shari Walczak

Co-Founder & CSO, The Garden


Believe me when I say Andrea knows what she’s talking about and she is a fantastic coach and guide when it comes to not just making effective presentations but learning how to tell stories and really engage with an audience. Take this opportunity to join her Masterclass

- it’s a gift!

Angela Payne

President, Lean In Canada


Genuine and authentic, Andrea made me feel like she was with me every step of the way. Pushed and supported in all the right places, Andrea helped me represent the Lean In Canada organization to deliver a talk focused on the impact the pandemic is having on women with a good balance of storytelling and facts. Thank you Andrea for being a great coach.

Hi, I'm Andrea, 

your TEDx Speaker Coach 


I've worked with thousands of Leaders, Professional Presenters, TED speakers, Experts, and Changemakers globally using my proven frameworks and methodology that was inspired by my work with TEDx. As a TED trained speaker coach and a TEDx license holder, I know how to help my clients seamlessly blend their impactful ideas with their emotionally engaging stories so their audiences lean in and connect.

Having spent the first 20+ years of my career as a senior leader in marketing and advertising, I was often required to give talks and presentations that deeply connected with my audience.

Now, I’m committed to giving YOU my behind-the-scenes methods on how you can begin to create an impact with your presentations. With a special skill in understanding technical and science-based disciplines, I help you take your complex ideas and turn them into powerful messages.  I know it can be frustrating. Maybe these experiences have turned you off developing the skills to become an influential presenter.  

As part of the team that brought Singularity University to Canada, I’ve worked with and trained Singularity University faculty worldwide. I also hold a TEDx license and had the honor to participate in the Global TED initiative COUNTDOWN in 2020.


This masterclass is one of the first steps to understanding how to convey powerful ideas, I can’t wait to work with you. Register now and watch right away!

Richard P. Blundell
Executive-in-Residence, University of Toronto

I learned more in my 3 hours with Andrea, than I have in a 30-year career of executive leadership. She has the ability to quickly distill complex messages into simple story boards to capture the attention of public audience with poignant and focused presentations. Andrea’s coaching was instrumental in preparing me for my first TEDx presentation. She is simply the best!