Stories That Sell Your Ideas Masterclass

 Become the go-to Thought Leader in your industry, make a greater impact, and unlock the recognition you deserve.


Want to know how thousands of professionals (just like you) have unlocked the recognition, respect and rewards they deserve?

Then this is the most important training you'll attend all year!

Hosted by one of North America’s top TEDx Speaker Coaches, Andrea Sampson.

If you've ever seen a TEDTalk, you've experienced the power of story and idea coming together seamlessly.
This is exactly what go-to Thought Leaders need in order to create the lasting impact they desire.
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Tuesday, March 7th at 6:00 pm EST

At Talk Boutique, we transform diverse experts into recognized and in-demand Thought Leaders.

During This Masterclass, Learn The Exact Method That Experts Use To Become Thought Leaders...

Identify What's Holding You Back From Becoming A Thought Leader

You have a valuable message  to share with the world. However, you may lack the confidence or direction you need to create true impact.

One of the most important aspects of my "Stories That Sell" system is equipping you with the tools and mindset shifts you need in order to get crystal clear on who you are, and identify the unique value only YOU can bring.

This is the framework you're going to wish you knew about years ago.

Develop Your Core Idea Using A Proven Framework

Once you identify your unique impact, I'll teach you my tested and true system to not only develop your core idea, but how to test it with your audience and prospects.

This is essential to your success as a thought leader because you will learn the importance of framing and refining your unique idea and the impact it has in the world.

After helping thousands of thought leaders and experts, I've found that this system alone can get you the respect, recognition, and rewards as the go-to thought leader in your industry or field.

Deliver Your Idea Using The Art Of Storytelling

Now this is where the magic is. Anyone can tell a story, but being able to tell a story that is a trojan horse for your idea and plants itself in the heart of your audience is where art meets science.

If you've ever seen a TED talk, you've experienced the power of story and idea coming together seamlessly. This is exactly what go-to thought leaders need in order to create the lasting impact they desire.

Our simple framework gives you the ability to take your core idea and thought leadership and share it using a powerful story.

This system has worked for thousands to create lasting, billion-dollar impact and I promise it will work for you!

Meet your host and Executive Speaker's Coach, Andrea Sampson

 I've worked with thousands of Leaders, Professional Presenters, TED speakers and Experts globally using my proven frameworks and methodology that was inspired by my work with TEDx. I know how to help my clients seamlessly blend their impactful ideas with their emotionally engaging stories so their audiences lean in and connect.

Now, I’m committed to giving YOU my behind-the-scenes methods on how you can begin to create an impact with your ideas. I'll help you take your complex ideas and turn them into powerful stories. The insights I share will shape you into an influential thought leader and help you finally get the recognition and rewards you deserve as an expert.

I can’t wait to see you on the Masterclass and look forward to helping you catapult your thought leadership through my powerful "Stories That Sell" framework.

- Andrea