Present Your Ideas With Impact Through Compelling Storytelling 


If you've ever seen a TED talk, you've experienced the power of story and idea coming together with the speaker engaging their audience with emotion, creating the lasting impact they desire. 

Turn your impactful ideas into compelling stories and presentations that will connect more deeply to the people you’re speaking with, getting you the recognition, respect, and rewards that you deserve as an expert in your field, turning you into a go-to thought leader in your industry.

Our free Story Spine framework with 5 Easy Steps to Telling Stories That Get You Heard has been developed through working with thousands of storytellers, TED speakers, industry experts, and thought leaders and it really works… and it will work for you!


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Empowering Diverse Thought Leaders to Maximize Their Impact


I’m Andrea Sampson, Founder, CEO, and Executive Thought Leader Coach at Talk Boutique.

I’ve worked with thousands of Leaders, Professional Presenters, TED speakers, and Experts globally using proven frameworks and methodologies inspired by my work with TEDx, and I want to share it with you to position yourself as a Thought Leader in your industry.

I don’t just want you to present with confidence, I want you to succeed and create an impact. I want to help you take your complex ideas and turn them into powerful stories, shaping you into an influential thought leader and helping you finally get the recognition and rewards you deserve.


Talk Boutique is a catalyst for diverse thought leaders, helping you take your complex ideas and turn them into powerful messages and stories to share your genius and drive meaningful transformation in the world.


Turn your ideas into powerful stories that amplify your Thought Leadership

  • Shape your complex ideas to ensure they're impactful when shared
  • Connect more deeply to the people you’re speaking with
  • Be more engaging when you speak through the power of storytelling

Our Story Spine framework will help you ensure that people remember what you’re saying and why it matters.

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